Department of Fine Arts

The Department of Fine Arts was introduced in the year of 2014 to inculcate a sense of Aesthetics in the students of the area and to imbibe in them a lifelong love for art. Fine arts is not only a colorful expression of the creative self but also soothes the finer sensibilities of a person. The department has contributed immensely to the cultural laurels of the college in the youth festival. Education in Fine Arts is an integral part of any institution. Fine Arts leads to beautiful and charming vision of life. It develops various artistic skills, the expression of creative processes and an informed awareness of how art practice intersects with current visual, cultural and societal concerns. It also enriches cultural potential of students. Students will gain a strong foundation in art forms like drawing, painting and sculpture with extensive exploration in performance.

Assistant Professor
Master in Fine Arts, UGC(NET)
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1 Student Activities Poster Making Competition on April 22, 2022
2 Student Activities Fine Arts students showed their creativity in Pargaas on April 20th, 2022
3 Student Activities National Winner in Poster Making Competition Jan.26th, 2022
4 Student Activities Inter Zonal Youth Festival at Pbi Uni. Patiala November 13-14th, 2021
5 Student Activities Won Overall Trophy in Fine Arts and Overall October 16-17th, 2021
6 Student Activities District Level Poster Making Competition September 20th, 2021
7 Student Activities Poster Making Competition by Unnat Bharat Abhiyan August 15th, 2021
8 Student Activities Slogan Writing Competition by Punjabi University July 31st , 2021
9 Student Activities Poster Making Competition on Fathegarh June 15th, 2021.
10 Student Activities National Level Poster Making Competition June 15th, 2021
11 Student Activities Educational-Trip-on-March 13,2019
12 Student Activities Painting-Workshop-from-September 6-16,2018
13 Student Activities Art-Exhibition-on-March-8-2021
14 Student Activities Painting-Workshop-from-September-2-3-2019
15 Student Activities Teacher’s-Day-Celebration-on-September-5-2019
16 Student Activities Poster-Making-Competition-on-September-6-2019
17 Student Activities Poster-Making-Competition-on-February-2-2021
18 Student Activities Slogan-Writing-Competition-on-February-21-2021
19 Student Activities A Talent Hunt Programme was organised by Department of Fine Arts under the aegis of Department of Cultural Affairs on October 19, 2020.
1 Prabhjot KaurAssistant Professor