Rules And Regualtions

Rules And Regualtions

1. Students should be punctual in attending classes and college functions.

2. Drinking, smoking and use of drugs are strictly prohibited.

3. Any student who is found absent from the class without prior permission will be imposed a fine of Rs. 10/- per period and Rs. 50/- for the whole day. Names of the students who remain absent continuously for three days or remain irregular for five days without prior permission will be struck off from the college rolls.

4. Mobile phones can’t be used by the students in the classrooms, labs, library and college corridors. Any kind of misuse of mobile phones during college time will incur a fine of Rs. 250/- for the first time and lead to confiscation of the phone subsequently.

5. Any damage caused by any student to the college property will not be forgiven under any circumstances and fine will be charged according to the damage incurred.

6. A student will be punished, suspended or rusticated from the college, if he/she directly or indirectly takes part or induces others to do so in any movement or agitation in the college for any reason, whatsoever, which in the opinion of the Principal is subversive of the college discipline.

7. Students are not allowed to bring outsiders to the college, except their parents and authorised guardians.

8. The students opting for professional courses are required to give Class Tests, Mid-Semester Tests and submit assignments as per the requirements of their syllabi and rules of the college. Any student who is absent from such tests will be fined Rs. 100/- per paper/assignment. Students who do not appear in Mid-Semester examination may be given a chance to appear in special test after depositing Rs 500/- as special Test Fee. No other chance will be given after the Special Test. Roll numbers will not be issued to the defaulters.

9. PTA meetings are held twice a year: In the first week of the September and the last week of April. Alumni Meets are organised by departments at regular intervals.

10. Ragging in any form, in the campus or college hostel, is strictly prohibited. It is cognizable offence as per the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Students will have to follow the instructions of the U.G.C. as conveyed vide Letter No. F.1-21/2009 (Anti-Ragging) dated March, 2012. Detailed instructions are available on

11. Self-attested affidavits regarding anti-ragging will be submitted by the students and their parents (on prescribed pro forma) at the time of admission.

12. Students should keep the college campus clean and litter-free.

13. In order to help conserve energy, the students must switch off fans, electric lights and ACs before leaving the classrooms/labs.

14. Students are required to wear their Smart Cards during the college hours.

15. Students are advised to check regularly Punjabi University website – – to apprise themselves of any change in syllabuses, datesheets, practical dates etc.

A student is eligible for the University examination only if he /she fulfils the following two conditions :

1. He/she must have attended minimum of 75% of lectures delivered in each paper. However, the shortage of lectures in respect of students representing the college in sports events/cultural activities can be condoned up to 10% by the principal.

2. He/she should have appeared and passed the mid-semester examination as per the university rules.

Note:- Only those students will be entitled to join college tours and excursions who fulfil the condition of 75% attendance.