P.G. Department of Botany

Department of Botany was established in 2004 for the undergraduate course (B.Sc Medical). Botany has a very important place in the life of human beings. It makes the students acquainted with the morphology, physiology, biochemistry of plants and their importance in sustaining life in the biosphere. In order to make students well versed with the subject, well-established Botany laboratories and Botanical Garden is there in college. Plants exists in different forms ranging from microscopic to macroscopic and based on the morphology and anatomy, the plants are categorized into Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. For making the students aware of this categorization, the department is having ample working material and specimens. The laboratory is equipped with trinocular, binocular, compound and dissection microscopes for the visualization of microscopic specimens. A set up of Plant Tissue Culture laboratory is there for raising the plants under controlled conditions and to study the effect of changing environmental conditions.  Botanical Garden is having most of the flora mentioned in the course content along with plants of economic importance. To understand the physiological processes and biochemical constituents of plants, necessary apparatuses and chemicals are there in the laboratory. Plants are variously modified in order to adapt in the surrounding environments. The specimens showing such modifications can be visualized in the specimen jars by the students. The students are also made well versed with the ecological aspects of the plants in the laboratory and field conditions. This subject has wide scope in the field of education i.e. teaching and research. It opens up wide choices for the students for further studies e.g. microbiology, genetics, biotechnology, environment etc.

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M.Sc. Botany, GATE
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1 Student Activities One Day Field Visit Plant Excursion Tour to Raipur and adjoining areas (01-05-2024)
2 Student Activities World Wetland Day Celebration (02.02.2024)
3 Student Activities Event on Best from Waste (29.01.2024)
4 Student Activities One Day Field Visit Plant Excursion Tour to Sansowal on10-08-2023
5 Student Activities Educational Tour to Punjabi University Patiala and adjoining areas, 04.05.2023
6 Student Activities Training Program on Mushroom Culture and Hydroponics under DBT Star Status Scheme (31.03. 2023)(1)
7 Student Activities Competition on Elocution, Scientific Quiz and Leaf Art on the theme Botany in Everyday Life on (03.03. 2023)
8 Student Activities Lecture on “Tree Health for Sustainable Green Cover” on 14.02.2023
9 Student Activities Educational tour to Pushpa Gujral Science City on (02.03.2023)
10 Student Activities Slogan Writing and Poster Making Competition on World Wetland Day by Department of Botany 02 02 2023
11 Student Activities Educational Excursion tour to adjoining areas of Sri Anandpur Sahib on 25th August 2022
12 Student Activities Educational tour to Dharamshala and Palmpur, 7-9 April, 2022-pdf
13 Student Activities Educational visit to Nadd Sahib (Sacred Grove), Himachal Pradesh on 9th May 2022
14 Student Activities Various Competitions to Celebrate the Festival of Holi,11/03/2022
15 Student Activities Asthetico Exhibition cum Competition [October 11, 2021]
16 Student Activities Inter college Online Quiz Competition [June 5,2021]
17 Student Activities SCIFEST on March 31, 2021
18 Student Activities An Intra-college Competition “Kayakalp-2021”, on March 10, 2021
19 Student Activities Educational trip to Panchkula Cactus Garden and Adjoining Areas, February 26, 2021
20 Student Activities Extempore competition on the eve of Wildlife conservation week, October 22, 2019
21 Student Activities Excursion tour to Nurpur Bedi and adjoining area of Sutlej River, September 18, 2018
22 Student Activities Celebration of World Ozone Day, September 16, 2018
23 Student Activities Educational tour to Harike Wetland (Punjab) and Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, March 9-10, 2018
24 Student Activities Wildlife Photograph Exhibition Contest on the eve of National Science Day Celebrations, February 26, 2018
25 Student Activities Excursion tour to Mussoorie (Dehradun), September 25-29, 2017
26 Student Activities Paper Reading contest on the eve of Teacher’s Day celebrations, September 5, 2017
27 Student Activities Excursion tour to Sri Naina Devi (H.P) and adjoining areas, August 18, 2017
28 Student Activities Excursion tour to Kiratpur Sahib, March 1, 2017
29 Student Activities Educational Tour to Dalhousie, H.P., October 11-13, 2016
30 Student Activities Poster Making and Model display Contest on “Best out of Waste and Environment Conservation”, August 27, 2016
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