Department of Geography

The Department of Geography was established in 2016, preparing students for outstanding professional careers in academia, government, scientific research and the private sector. The mission of the Department is to enabling students to apply their knowledge and skills in productive careers or graduate study and to instill critical and creative thinking skills to understand and appreciate the challenges of our changing world. The success rate in B.A.  Examination is 100% in every year. We do not teach the students, rather, we act as the facilitators of the students so that they can manifest their best possible potentialities, and to guide them to reach the pinnacle of perfection.

The department is highly competent and specialized in teaching the curriculum and training is imparted in such a way that every student gets acquainted with the modern education system and activities in their near future. Such a constructive environment will help the students to emerge as an asset for institution as well as society.


Assistant Professor
M.Sc. Geography, B.Ed M.Ed
1 Geography Jaspreet KaurAssistant Professor